A trilogy of a series for children.

Nature is the greatest blessing and a beautiful gift to human beings. Above this, a person enthusiastic about nature and fond of exploring each tiny detail enjoys a lot of his or her own life. Sonjja Baram, turns the learning from nature and self sustainable community into story for children. She believes that teaching children from young age how to respect and connect with the wisdom of nature is extremely important for a better green world. In the story, our main character Lexi meets a shining star that turns into a beautiful girl, Samsara. She takes Lexi to her little garden concealed under the bushes and the trees. Her small house and a cozy garden make Lexi happy and contented. She tells her the top secret of her happiness is the bond she shares with her parents and nature. Samsara wished on her birthday to be a shining star so she could watch over all the beauty of nature and connect with other children. Her wish was granted but for her surprise she discovered that a lot of children are sad, alone, and many stuck in their house with online games without being free enjoying the most beautiful creation. She then goes in a journey to meet Lexi, a girl from the city she saw in one of her adventure as a little star. She knew immediately Lexi was a very special little girl and would help her reach out to the hearts of all children in the world. The adventures are told through out the trilogy.
Samsara’s wish is to let every child learn about how every element of nature is considerable to us. The water, the wind, the plants, the bugs & bees, and the animals and birds, no matter how tiny or how giant they are, everything plays its vital role in nature. Lexi feels impressed by Samsara’s knowledge and happy life and wants her life lot be like hers, but how can she convince her parents to experience what she did in the magical garden of the Evergreen Cherry?

~The Garden of Evergreen Cherry ~ Book #1

Garden Instagram Square

~Lexi Visits the City – Book #2

Ebook with Smoothie

~A Journey to the Equinox – Book #3




Mistery of the Mind – available in Portuguese only
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